Cat Litter Deodorizer

Destroy Your Cat’s Litter Box Odors

For the first time, you can have complete odor control over your cat’s litter box. We know it sounds too good to be true, but NonScents Cat Litter Deodorizer really works! It uses a patent-pending zeolite coating that is 100% safe for you and your pets. The technology has been extensively tested against other products on the market. Unlike other products that use fragrances to mask or disguise bad odors, NonScents products are scientifically formulated to destroy odors at the molecular level, eliminating the root cause of the problem. At last, you and your cats can enjoy an odor-free home!

Product Benefits

  • FRAGRANCE-FREE: Unlike other brands that use strong fragrances to mask bad odors, NonScents formula is scent-free and completely neutralizes odor at the molecular level.
  • GENTLE AND SAFE: The scientifically proven zeolite formula is free from chemical additives, which keeps your cat safe and comfortable.
  • CONCENTRATED: Our professional grade formula is 4x concentrated, ready to neutralize even the strongest litter box odors.
  • LONG-LASTING: NonScents formula is designed to help extend the life of your cat litter, which should save you money from buying as much cat litter.

*Odor prevention compared using litter mixed with cat urine topped with NonScents and sodium bicarbonate sprinkles.
**Tested against organosulfur compounds.


Simply sprinkle a layer of NonScents over your cats litter tray, and enjoy a safe, odor-free environment. If you have multiple cats sharing a litter box, we recommend you sprinkle a thicker layer.

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