Survey Says

Our first NonScents loyal customer survey has concluded, and we have some interesting results!

It’s clear that there are always litter box odor issues to resolve, even if you’re a responsible pet owner maintaining a hygienic environment.

Most of our customers (78%) have one or two cats. 56% have only one litter box, and 52% of responders reported to cleaning the litter box daily. Surely cleaning so often with so few cats should lead to a clean smelling home – however, this is not the case. All of our survey responders are loyal customers who enjoy using NonScents, which means they still seek out odor control even in a clean environment. Odor issues can arise regardless of how responsible a pet owner is about litter box cleaning!

Many of our existing customers use other forms of odor control or air fresheners in their house as well. Only 18% said that they used nothing, while the other 82% of customers used one of several options such as sprays, activated charcoal, or plug in – air fresheners. With all of these methods, NonScents provides that extra step needed to keep a house smelling fresh.

As you can see, NonScents products help cat owners create a better home for themselves and their furry friends!


Thanks to our cover cat, Lucy!

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