Shelter Cat Troubles

There are over 85.8 MILLION domestic cats in the United States and counting. 46% of those cats were adopted from a shelter. While this seems like a great statistic at first glance, unfortunately, not every shelter cat gets adopted. Of the roughly 3 million cats being taken into shelters, 41% of them will be euthanized.

Even more heartbreaking are the cats who are adopted, then returned to the facility. They had a chance to live in a loving home, only to be put back into the shelter system.

There are a few reasons that cats are returned to shelters. Sometimes it’s because the owner didn’t anticipate how much time and money it takes to truly take care of a pet. Sometimes it’s because the owner has to move, and the cat can’t go with them.

But one often overlooked reason cats are returned to shelters is due to housebreaking issues. If they have problems adjusting to using the litter box in their new home, or go on the floor, some cats don’t get a second chance. Some people do not have the patience to handle a cat soiling their home, no matter how much they liked the cat initially. But maybe many of these shelter cats have a good reason not to use the litter box, and maybe this is a fixable problem!

Picture this: You’re on vacation far away from home. You excuse yourself to use a public bathroom. Upon walking in, you find out that it smells awful. If the smell was bad enough, perhaps you might even try to find another bathroom. That’s the reality of many cats who are adopted by new owners. Perhaps the owners just don’t know how to clean the litter box, or maybe that particular cat has extra smelly poop. But the result is the same: they may try to stay away from the offensive litter box.

That’s where NonScents can help! If you sprinkle some NonScents over the litter box, it creates a clean, welcoming atmosphere for the furriest new family member. If the litter box is clean, even the most resistant cat is more likely to use it. Hopefully, if more new cat owners try out NonScents, we can keep cats from being returned to shelters and give them a chance at a healthy and happy life.

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