Helping The Helpless

Can’t stand a smelly litter box? TRY OUT NONSCENTS HERE

The Oregon Humane Society in Portland, OR has upwards of 6000 cat adoptions per year. Recently, the OxiScience team visited the shelter and met with employees to learn more about pet adoptions and determine ways that we can help.

One reason a cat may be returned to a shelter is due to issues adjusting to their new home. Being apprehensive about using the litter box can mean a one-way-ticket back to the shelter for many cats. A cleaner, nicer smelling litter box may save the cat’s life by keeping them well-behaved and more likely to use the litter box (even in a strange new environment).

Each person who adopts a cat from Oregon Humane Kit can purchase a starter kit full of products to use for their new feline friend. We offered NonScents odor control cat litter additive to be a part of the Oregon Humane Society kit. We want to help new cat owners create a welcoming environment for their new feline friend. Of course, we wouldn’t want the shelter to offer it to their customers unless they liked it first!

Three employees tested out NonScents independently of the shelter. Everyone who tested it was thrilled with the results. When we asked if they would add NonScents to their first-time cat owner kit, they responded with an enthusiastic “Yes!”

OxiScience is taking steps to make sure that all cats have a fair shot at a happy, healthy life. By supporting our products, you’re supporting a company that wants to make sure cats are safe and well-cared-for!

Featured image edited from the original by Roham Sheikholeslami at Flickr

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