Hello from the Moderator

Hey everyone, my name’s Noelle. I’ll be your guide here on the NonScents blog!

I’m here to address some things you may be wondering: Noelle, why the heck are you so passionate about this product? It’s a cat litter deodorizer? What’s with that? Does it even work? Well, read on, readers! Here’s how I first came into contact with this product.

During my senior year of college, my roommate brought one of her cats from home to school. We lived in a decent sized apartment, and both of us were missing having a furry friend around – so it seemed like a great idea! And Oliver is the cutest thing. A fluffy little cuddlebug. Just look at him!


However, Oliver was used to living outside. Our apartment, charmingly located in the frozen tundras of Pullman, wasn’t a great place for him to leave and go exploring. He started crying to be let out at night. He meowed, wailed, scratched at the door for hours at a time.

Every. Single. Night.

With deep bags under our eyes, after a couple of weeks we decided to send Oliver back to my roommate’s house to stay with her mother. Oliver was much happier once he could play outside with the other cats at their house.

Now, some of you may not be aware of the unspoken rules of college roommates. But a big one in every apartment is this: Clean up after yourself.

I figured, since Oliver technically wasn’t my cat, dealing with the litter box wasn’t my problem. I was sure my roommate would take the litter box down to the garbage when she was ready. Though it was a cold, precarious trip down four flights of snowy outdoor stairs – so I was forgiving when she didn’t take it right away.

We both forgot about it, lurking there like a shadow in the laundry room. The used litter box sat, week after week, neither of us touching it – and when we absolutely had to use the room to do our laundry, we quickly scurried away after. The smell was awful, but since it was confined to one room, we were able to ignore it.

Finally, my dad came to drive me home. My parents always picked me up for winter break, since my small Honda wasn’t able to brave the mountain roads in winter. He was the one who opened the laundry room door in shock, asking, “How long has this been here?”

We both averted our eyes, dodging the question, laughing uncomfortably. We knew it was pretty gross at this point, and neither of us wanted to admit how long we had put off the problem. But, far from being upset, dad grinned and told me he’d be right back.

In a few minutes, he had returned with some of his new cat litter additive. Dad’s products have always been useful in the past, but I was skeptical of this one – could it really get rid of the awful stench? Could we finally take the box down without fear?

Sure enough, he sprinkled some over the box and invited me to take a sniff. I hesitated. This was pretty gross – smelling an old dirty litter box?

But there was nothing for me to worry about, because the smell was completely gone! My roommate and I were thrilled, and took the now-odorless box down four flights of snowy stairs to the garbage. Maybe if we’d done it together in the first place, it wouldn’t have gotten that bad.

So, NonScents works. I learned my lesson that day, but learning that there was a solution was even more exciting. There are thousands of stories out there just like mine, waiting to be told.

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