3 Ways to Help Cats In Need

If you’re a cat owner or a cat lover, your feline friend is a big part of your life and you wouldn’t have it any other way! Unfortunately for all of the cats out there, not all of them are lucky enough to have great homes and parents like yourself. If you’re looking for an easy way to help out the stray kitties in your neighborhood, here are a few easy ways to lend a helping hand.

Volunteer at your local shelter

Animal shelters and rescue centers often rely on volunteers to stay running. From walking dogs, to working at events, to helping with administrative tasks, there are many ways you can give a little of your time and provide a great service to your local feline community. Many cities also offer fostering programs, where you can house animals in your home for a short period of time to reduce crowding in shelters and give animals a bit more homey comfort. This is a great way to help kittens in your community and have a little more feline in your life.

Adopt a cat

Adopting is a great way to help the cats in your community. Most shelters have online listings of the various animals you can adopt, so you can check out the various animals available before you go to see if they are good with children, friendly, and meet any other requirements you might have. You will then have the chance to meet with representatives from the shelter, meet your four legged match, and hopefully leave with a new addition to your household! It’s also pertinent to keep an eye out for promotions at your local shelter, as many shelters offer discounts at various times per year.

Donate items and funds

If you don’t have a ton of extra time but would like to put a few dollars towards helping animals, there are many places to donate to animals in need. There are many ways to donate to the Humane Society including hosting your own fundraiser, one time and sustaining donations, and donating food and pet items to the shelter. Donations also do not have to be monetary. Many shelters will accept old vehicles as donations, newspapers for kennels, and a variety of other items.

For cat lovers everywhere, there are many ways to help cats in need. Whether you’re donating your time, money, or anything else, it’s a great service to our feline friends when you decide to give back to those with less love than your own.

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